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3 Complete Puck Box Mod eCig Build Tutorials Online

Puck here and welcome to my website.  I invented the Original Puck eCig Box Mod after much research and testing and I have 3 complete tutorials for 3 different versions of the popular mod here online for you.  This means I show you how to build you own ecig every step of the way.  The Puck eCig mod utilizes common everyday household rechargeable batteries you can buy in any store.  It is built mostly with parts you can buy at your local Radio Shack.  It provides massive amounts of vapor and works incredibly well (24 hours of battery life in most cases).  The only thing you will need extra is your atomizer and juice.  The Puck box mods are easy to build and you can have fun building them.  Another benefit is you can build as many Puck box mod ecigs as you like, whenever you feel like it.  They are very inexpensive and easy to build.   What are you waiting for?… Let’s get started modding.

I also create Android Apps – Please Visit Pucktronics.com sometime when you get a chance and check them out.

The Original Puck
eCig Mod Tutorial


  • Uses Standard Household Rechargeable Batteries
  • All parts came from Radio Shack
  • Uses 901 atomizer since the atomizer connection is created during the build.  You can use a 901 to 510 adapter to use 510 atomizers if you like.
  • Easy to build – I show you every step.


The Puck II
eCig Mod Tutorial


  • Uses Standard Household Rechargeable Batteries
  • All parts come from Radio Shack except the 510 connector and voltage meter (if you want one).  I show you where to get one.
  • You also need an old ego charger for the smaller box or just use epoxy.
  • Easy to build.  I show you everything.
  • Handles large tanks if needed.
The Puck “MVP”
eCig Mod Tutorial


  • Uses Standard Household Rechargeable Batteries
  • Variable voltage with atomizer and ohms display.
  • Can be used from a 2 amp usb port as passthrough.
  • All parts from Radio Shack except the control board and connector.
  • Modular design.  Battery and control box snap apart.
  • A bit more difficult to build but not hard.
Have a look around the website. I have a lot of information about e-cigarettes, modding information, specs and all sorts of other topics all related to e-cigs and e-cig mods. If there is something you would like to know, just leave a comment or contact me through the contact page and I will try and help you out.

Thanks for visiting. :)

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