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3 Complete Puck Box Mod eCig Build Tutorials Online Puck here and welcome to my website.  I invented the Original Puck eCig Box Mod after much research and testing and I have 3 complete tutorials for 3 different versions of the Continue reading

Best Wire And Wick For A Rebuildable Atomizer

Building a coil with cotton on the Kayfun

So you are tired of paying for and replacing all those little replaceable coil units in your ecig tank.  You have decided to try and build your own coil and wick.  You go out and buy a rebuildable tank atomizer. Continue reading

Best Electronic Cigarette


I have seen countless times, over and over again, people asking the question, “What is the best electronic cigarette?”.  I can only assume that most of these folks that are asking the question are most likely new to the ecig Continue reading