How to Build the Puck e-Cig Mod Part 5

The battery and control boxes are all ready and drilled for our parts. We just need to place the parts into our Puck e-cig and wire them. Let’s get started.

First, we need to prepare our pushbutton swtich so it doesn’t stick down into the box to far.  Remove the plastic nut and turn it upside down and screw it back on the switch.  Refer to the next photo.

Pay attention to how you put the LED in.  The LED has a polarity so it has a psoitive side and a negative side.  On most, the long lead is the positive side and the flat side on the LED is the negative side.  Once you orientate the LED to the correct position, snap it into the LED holder if you are using one.

Once you have your pushbutton switch in and your LED, it should look like this photo…

building the atomizer connector takes a little bit of work so I will devote the next part to building the atomizer connector.  Let’s go build the atomizer connector in the “How to build the Puck e-Cig Battery Mod Part 6“.

5 thoughts on “How to Build the Puck e-Cig Mod Part 5

    • Which switch, the push button or the on/off switch? Either way, double check your wires. Even though you may think they are correct, 9 times out of 10, one is usually missed when having an issue like this.

      If you have an ohmmeter or continuity testor, remove the batteries and put your leads directly across the push button and make sure it shows a short when you press the button (just in case your switch is bad).

      Let me know what you find out.

      • I have power at the push button but it doesn’t go any further, I’m taking everything off and re starting, could it be the bridge that I soldered?

        • If you can get to the leads of the atty jack, check the voltage there (across the two connections) and see if you have voltage there. It is possible that the solder bridge is not making a good contact. You can use an ohmmeter and check from the center pin to one of the legs where the solder bridge is to see if the solder bridge is working.

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