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I have seen a lot of searches for e-Cig thread sizes so that tells me that there are a lot of people out there who are looking to create atomizer connectors or other types of e-cig connections.  Below, I will list the thread sizes of the most common e-cigs out there.

To make your own atomizer connectors for e-cig battery mods, you may need to make your own.  The list below lists the different tap and die sets you may need to use to cut threads for the e-cig atomizer you are trying to mod for.

A Radio Shack “M” type power jack (RS# 274-1582) has the exact thread sizes for a 901 atomizer and works perfectly for a 901 atomizer connector (which is what I use in my “Puck” mod).

For a 510 atomizer though, there is nothing you can use as a jack for the atomizer to screw into that already exists so you either need to make your own, use one off an old 510 e-cig battery or order one.

Thread sizes for the most common e-cig atomizer/batteries.

  • 901        8mm X .75
  • 801        9mm X .75
  • 510        7mm X .5
  • RN4081   8mm X .75
  • EGO          12mm x .5

A 901 Atomizer has female connector, Battery has male connector.

A 801 Atomizer has female connector, Battery has male connector.

A 510 Atomizer has male connector, Battery has female connector.

A RN4081 has female connector, Battery has male connector.

An ego connector has the larger outer set of threads for ego style tanks and most ego mods also have screw threads for a 510 in the center.

There are various places to get taps and dies to cut the threads you need.

Here are some links to get the exact taps and dies for whatever e-cig model you are designing for.  To make threads for a…

901 Atomizer Connector use: 8mm X .75 High Speed Steel Round Die 1″ OD

901 Battery Connector use:   8mm x .75 High Speed Steel Bottoming Tap

801 Atomizer Connector use: 9mm X .75 High Speed Steel Round Die 1″ OD

801 Battery Connector use:   9mm x .75 High Speed Steel Plug Tap

510 Atomizer Connector use: 7mm x .5 High Speed Steel Plug Tap

510 Battery connector use:   7mm X .5 High Speed Steel Round Die 1″ OD

These are the most common e-cigarette sizes.  There are others but these are the most popular e-cig configurations.

6 thoughts on “e-Cig Thread Sizes

  1. Thanks for the info, very hard to find, best part is that I was able to go out in the shop and find all you posted in my tap and die kit. Happy as I just needed to clean up some threads, but not sure if I missed something the OD called ego is another I’m wondering about but think I’ll just go through what I have in fine and see what comes up, but thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the info. I’ve had a hard time finding real information about thread sizes. Usually I hear “that’s a 510, dummy” but never any relation to thread series. I already knew what the threads on my batteries were but couldn’t translate it to the 12 X.5 being the ego. Now I can tell people that the tank I’m making from a glass nip bottle will fit an ego instead of “uhh, I don’t know, it fits my battery and is 12 x .5.” Thanks again.

    • No problem. eCig thread sizes were a mystery for a long time. Whenever I came across one, I’d write it down and then I posted what I found for you all to use. If I find more eCig thread sizes for other types, I will post them in the same list.

  3. I have ordered the 12 mm X .5 and 7mm X .5 taps and done some good things with them. However, a customer brought in an e-cig pipe and needs an adapter made from it’s thread to the 510 thread. No problem until I see the pipe’s thread isn’t one I know. I caliper it at .430 OD which puts it at 11 mm, but I don’t know if it’s .75 or .5. Any ideas?

    • I have seen some threading on some of the newer ecigs that is not standard. None of them appears to be compatible with anything. Someone or some company out there is trying to make more business for themselves by creating proprietary devices so you can only use their atomizers. Some of these are even the newer ecigs produced for sale in convenience stores and such. I haven’t even tried to guess the threads on any of these since there is so much out there we can use that has standard threads.

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