Essential e-Cig Modding Tools

When you are building e-cigarette mods, there are basic tools that you will need to make your e-cig modding job easier and e-cig modding tools that you have to have to do e-cig modding at all.  In this article, I will list the tools I use and you most likely need to build just about any e-cig mod.  I will list them in different categories like must have and nice to have classifications.

A lot of the tools you can get at Radio Shack or you can order them online through the links I provide through Amazon.  Most of the links I provide will be free shipping if you order $25.00 or more so you may want to get most of them from the links I provide to qualify for that.

Tools that you HAVE to have to do e-cig mods properly. 

Soldering Iron
The soldering irons below will do the job.  The last one shown is really expensive but is professional.  The first two would suffice and the third is not expensive and is a soldering station.

I have found that the best wattage of a soldering iron for soldering connectors and such is a 60 watt.  I have used 25 and 30 for normal soldering but found that a 60 watt works best for doing mods where you will need to solder to a connector. 

I use this Weller WPS18MP High-Performance Soldering Iron myself. I like it since it has a power switch and heats up in 30 seconds. It also has an LED work light to light up what you are soldering.  It is a 60 watt soldering iron and solders connectors with no problem.

Lead Free Rosin Core Solder
I prefer to use lead free solder but you could use regular rosin core solder.

Electronics Tools (diagonal cutters, needle nose pliers, etc)
You will need needle nose pliers, side cutters and screw drivers or the kit which contains them all.

Drill or Dremel
You will need something to drill holes with into the plastic boxes or other materials that mods will be made out of (unless you have a better way).  A dremel is useful since you can use it for cutting and grinding also.  A drill is cheaper but a dremel is more versatile.

Nice to Have Tools to make Modding Easier

T-Handle Taper Reamer
This tool, although not required, is a life saver and almost a must for working on mods.  I myself could not do mods without one.  They are hard to find but Amazon has them and so does Habor Frieght.  Clikc the image of you want to see them on Amazon. 


A Good Multimeter
It would be good to have a good multimeter or volt/ohm meter for checking voltages and continuity of your connections.  Things don’t always go as planned and you may need to check if you are getting voltage to certain areas or check to make sure a good connection has been made between wires. 

Third Hand or PanaVise
Although not required, one of these will make your life so much easier when trying to solder, drill or glue things together.  I use the first “third hand device” and also the panavise (shown third below).  The panavise has a suction cup to stick to the table.

Bench or Table Lighting
When you are working on e-cig mods, you can never get too much light on your subject.  The more light the better.  I use two bright LED lights that have flexible shafts that allow me to direct the light right where I need it.  The LED lights run much cooler than conventional lights.

Although this is not a tool, you will need quick-setting epoxy for just about any e-cig mod unless you have figured out a way to hold it together without it.  I use JB Kwik but Loctite 5 minute epoxy works well also.

Edit… I have found something that works even better for mods.  It is QuikSteel Epoxy putty.  It is rock hard in 5 minutes and works just like clay until it sets.  I have started using this on all of my ecig mod creations.  You can buy it in the store or see it at the link below…
CarGo 16002 QuikSteel Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty Repair, Blister Pack – 2 oz.

Putting it all together

You may have one, two or many of the tools that I listed above and if you do, you are well on your way to being a modding maniac.  I’ve tried to provide you with inexpensive versions of the tools up to the expensive versions.  Modding e-cigs does not require very expensive tools but the more tools you have that I have mentioned, the easier modding will be for you.  I really strongly suggest though you get a t-handle taper reamer.  It will be your best friend.   Happy modding !

What are some of your favorite modding tools?

3 thoughts on “Essential e-Cig Modding Tools

  1. Thank you so much!I am a noobie vaporer,and just purchased my firts ego.After I payed 50 bucks for it,I found out I could build an e cig for half that price(should’ve done more research).Guess what my next e cig is gonna be?If anything happens to my ego,Iknow I can build an e cig for less money.Thanks for the info,I will definately use this when I make my first mod.

  2. here in the phils the vaping community are getting bigger for me as a slave of tobacoo for 21yrs now i have a safer alternative. im planning to made a box mod type ecig and ive found ur site that will help vapers like me to build there own ecig mod. very informative and easy to understand ur method. thank very much,sir. hope to see another circuit diagram about variable voltage ecig. god bless

    • With the Puck ecig mod, you really don’t need variable voltage. It stays pretty much consistant until the batteries are just about used up. With a 901 atty, you’ll get almost 24 hours on a freshly charged set of 4 AAA nimhs. If you’re using a 510 atty that runs about 2 ohms, you’ll get about 12 hours use. There are 510 high resistance atomizers that are about 3.2 ohms which is what a 901 atty is and will last 24 hours also.

      Most people want variable voltage so they can keep a consistant amount of vapor through the battery range. I may come up with one in the near future but most people are satisfied with the consistancy of the normal Puck so I haven’t done that much with the idea yet :).

      Have fun building your mods :)

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