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E-cigs.  What are they?  Do they produce real smoke?  What are the best e-cigs?  There are a lot of questions about e-cigs.  I will try to supply as much information as possible about them in this article.

E-Cigs are electronic devices that simulate the sensation of smoking for a cigarette smoker. E-cig is short for e-cigarette or electronic cigarette.  They are designed to be about the same size and shape as a regular cigarette. 

There is a lot of buzz for and against them.  Those that are against them have a lot to learn.  They are the best thing out there right now to get a smoker away from regular cigarettes and smoke a healthier alternative.  They will not make you quit smoking.  You just are smoking something that is not as dangerous as regular cigarettes.  A habit is a habit.

Most e-cigarettes are made up three parts.  A battery that contains a microprocessor  and switch, an atomizer that makes the “smoke”, and a cartridge that contains the e-cig juice that turns into “smoke”.






The Battery.

The e-cig battery contains a long cyndrical battery that supplies the power to the e-cig.  It also contains a small microprocessor that controls the charging of the battery, how long it will allow a user to puff on the e-cig at a time and signals when the battery is going dead.  It is small and usually lasts about 4 to 6 hours on a charge for the typical battery.

The Atomizer.

The atomizer is the heart of the e-cig.  It is what produces the “smoke”.  When a user draws on the tip (the cartridge mouthpeice), the battery supplies power to the atomizer.  The atomizer heats up and vaporizes the e-cig “juice” in the cartridge which produces a cloud of “vapor”.  This vapor is what gives the user a feeling of smoking.  The e-cig “juice” can contain nicotine, supplying the user with a small dose of nicotine just as a real cigarette would (but without all of the nasty tar and chemicals a real cigarette supplies).  The atomizer consists of a small heating coil that does all of the work (just like a real fog machine works).

The cartridge.

The cartridge consists of a small fluid resevoir and a tip where the users mouth draws on.  The resevoir supplies e-juice to the atomizer.  The resevoir contains a polyfill material that holds the e-juice in place so it can be atomized.  The cartridge needs to be filled after about 20 to 30 puffs on a normal e-cig.

So that is the 3 parts of an ecig.  So what is this e-juice stuff?  It is mainly propelyne glycol as the base ingredient.  You most likely eat this stuff everyday since it is the main base for food flavoring, skin products and a whole lot more of the stuff you use everyday.  It is a FDA approved food additive.  Added to this is a flavoring and a small amount of nicotine and water.  Some e-juice may have a small amount of vegatable based glycerin.  If you have ever been to a show that used theater fog and breathed in the fog, you basically smoked an e-cig since it is just about the same formula.  E-juice is basically fog juice.  It has nothing to do at all with cigarette smoke.  It’s just basically fog.

Smoking this stuff is a whole lot safer than the 500 or more toxic cancer causing chemicals and tar in a regular cigarette.  Nicotine is in an e-cig but nicotine has been shown to not cause cancer.  It’s all of the other hindreds of toxic chemicals in a cigarette that do that.

So how does this substitute for a real cigarette?  It looks, feels and acts just like one.  You get the feeling of the smoke, you get the feeling of holding it in your hand and you still get your nicotine.  It’s the best substitute for a real cigarette without all of the nasty crap.

How safe are they?  There are studies being done but nothing has shown up to be of any harm so far.  The FDA had a bogus report that was proven to be completely wrong when they were trying to ban them (I say follow the money).  There have been millions of people now using them and no one has had any adverse problems related to the e-cig itself according to several e-cig forums.  Besides, they have to be safer than pumping the 500+ toxic checmicals of a real cigarette into your system.

E-cigs now come in many shapes and sizes.  People that have been using them are now abandoning the cigarette looking e-cigs for more functional e-cigs that work better but may not look exactly like a cigarette.  My e-cig mod, the  Puck is an example of this.  The Puck replace the battery section of the e-cig and allows you to use regular rechargable batteries you can buy at any store.  Makes it really simple plus, it works so much better with more vapor.

The most popular e-cigs have been the 510 model and also the 901.  There are all kinds of e-cigs built around these atomizers.  My Puck is designed around the 901 but can be built to use the 510.  The 510 seems to be the most popular in use right now.

If you are a smoker, you really should get you an e-cig and get off the evil cigarettes.  They will kill you.  E-cigs won’t make you stop smoking but they can help you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.  E-cigs are so much less toxic.

3 thoughts on “The e-Cig

  1. Love these e-cigs, they can not burn your cloths, self or pets or kids. Perfect for daily use in a family home. And since they are better for you that the cigaretts I’ve smoked for the last 46 years, you gotta go with it,

  2. Everyone should check the internet for e-cigarettes to check how massive this industry is, and how
    large the selection is for these excellent invention is. What really
    annoys me, though, are the increasing number of posts in the major press saying how deadly they are.
    Apparently Big Pharma – the producers of nicotine harm reduction
    aids are backing an anti electronic cigarette war – less so the fag companies (as you
    might presume) – as many tobacco companies are
    investing in them. I can FEEL the health gains of e cigarettes.
    Just saying – that there is always some agenda with
    big corps trying to prohibit e cigarettes … our country’s, so-called, masters must do a lot more too. It makes me incredibly sad. Thank you The e-Cig – The PUCK e-Cig Mods.

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