E-Cig Tip: Cleaning E-Cig Cartomizers

John Kosko sent in this tip for cleaning cartomizers.

Great web site, I’m going to build a puck when I can get around to it. In the mean time, I’ve learned carts come out pretty clean by just soaking overnight in a gallon of water, no need to boil them as some others have suggested. I blow out the wet carts to get them just damp and then put the damp carts on a 9W coffee-warming hot plate overnight to dry them out.  I also made a “penny puller” for removing cart caps. Basically you file off the tip of a #4 finishing nail, bend last 1/8 inch of the tip 90-degs. Insert the tip through a small hole drilled in a penny and you have a penny puller for removing carts tips.


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