Add Variable Voltage Control to Your eCig Mod

I’ve had many questions about how to create a variable voltage PUCK mod.  Although, with the PUCK mod, I don’t feel voltage regulation is neccesary, there are still many people who want it.  So I am supplying a circuit design and schematic for anyone who wants to build in variable voltage control to your PUCK or other eCig mod.

Below is a circuit diagram or schematic and the parts list of what you need to build a variable voltage eCig mod.  Doesn’t matter whether it is a Puck mod or any other mod.  The circuit will remain the same for all versions of eCig mods.

The diagram has the parts list and the schematic of the circuit so you should have no problem putting this together.  It’s really pretty simple.

The variable voltage regulation is based of off the NCP630A variable voltage regualtor integrated circuit.  The NCP630A is a pretty versatile chip with more than enough amperage to supply your atomizer without burning itself up.  It can handle 3 amps of power easy.

You can get the NCP630A from for an easy source of parts for less than 2 bucks.  They also sell a small kit of parts with a circuit board for the regulator circuit for less than 8 bucks if you want to go in that direction.

So without any further delay, below is the circuit schematic/diagram for your variable voltage eCig mod pleasure.


You can get the following parts from Madvapes.

NCP630A Variable voltage Regulator


Push Button Switches


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9 comments to Add Variable Voltage Control to Your eCig Mod

  • Gizmo

    Your pot (R4) is wired wrong. Either pin 4 or pin 5 should be connected to the center tap.

    • Puck

      Yep, good catch. I used visio with the “normal” connections to create the drawing. The center tap is not the obvious normal connection plus I really don’t like some the the symbols visio uses. I think the variable resistor center tap should have an arrow but it was clear enough that you was able to catch the center tap missed connection. :) Thanks for the info. I have corrected the schematic.

  • jon

    what if i will add a lcd distplay? where it should be connected?

  • Patrick

    Found the VV portion of my Email question. You can ignore that:)

    Thanks for your great website!!

  • Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post.
    Many thanks for providing this info.

  • Caleb Spurlin

    on this variable voltage schematic instead of using the AAA batteries, can I use one 3.7 Volt 18350 battery?

    • Puck

      I’m not really sure why you would want to. It’s not a voltage booster so the maximum you will ever get is 3.7 volts, the max your battery will put out. The voltage regulator will allow you to reduce the voltage but running lower than 3.7 volts is a bit underwhelming.

      What this circuit is mainly for is when your supply voltage is higher than 3.7 volts. Like putting 2 3.7 volt 18350s together in series (7.4 volts). This circuit would then allow you to adjust down the voltage to say… like 5 volts or 4.5 or something like that.

      I think you may be looking for a booster or voltage doubler.

  • Dan

    Hi, I am having trouble figuring out which of the 3 pot terminals get connected to the regulator. Is it R4 output to Reg. pin 4 and R4 input to Reg. pin 5? And 3rd pot terminal as backup output? Or am I all together wrong?

    • Puck

      All you need to do is use either the left pin or the right pin of the pot to go to the pin 4 leg of the circuit and the center pin of the pot will go to pin 5. You could also connect the unused pin of the pot to the center pin of the pot (going to pin also) so you have basically have a two lead resistor that is variable.

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