Atomizer vs Cartomizer: What’s the Difference?

A lot of people use atomizers only.  A lot of other people use cartomizers only. So what are both and what is the difference between them?  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

An atomizer is what most people go to when they buy an ecig kit online.  It requires a tip to be inserted in the end for you to draw from with your lips.  The tip also contains the juice that makes your “smoke”.  The tip is filled with about 10 to 20 drops of juice and is then inserted into the atomizer.  The filler material in the tip (polyfill) touches a wire mesh in the atomizer which transfers the juice to the atomizer slowly as you take puffs on it.  There are also devices called drip tips where you have no filler and drop small drops of juice directly onto the atomizer heating area.

So you basically need two peices (tip and atomizer) plus a battery for an atomizer to work.  An ecig that uses an atomizer has three parts then in all, battery, atomizer and tip.  A lot of people use these (just like the Puck ecig mod does).  Atomizers come in many different models, the 510 and the 901 being two of the most popular,  but others are rising fast in the ranks.  The 510 seems to be the most popular (but I like the 901 for the Puck :) ).

A cartomizer was designed to be used up and thrown away.  It was never designed where you have to touch any juice, at least previously in the past.  We as tinkers though figured out how to refill them and reuse them over and over again.  Now you can buy cartomizers that you just fill yourself as you would with a regular atomizer/tip combination.

A cartomizer is a one peice unit with the tip, filler material and heating coil(s) all in one.  All you need to do is screw it onto a battery and vape away.  It is an easier solution until it come time to fill it.  There are a lot of people that have used them with thier Puck mod by either using a 510 adapter or just by using a 510 connector when building their Puck mod.

You can see some of the differences in the first picture above in this post.  Below is showing a cartomizer with the end cap pulled off, ready to be refilled.

There are all kinds of variations coming out now.  I just picked up a cartomizer with a tank that holds quite a bit of ejuice.  The cartomizer has a small hole drilled in it that at the bottom that allows the juice from the tank be drawn into the cartomizer when you take a puff, basically refilling the cartomizer’s filler material.  This would most likely flood out a regular atomizer.  I’m experimenting with using these on the Puck ecig mod now and the results so far have been great.

So some of you will want to use atomizers, some cartomizers.  With the newer cartomizers, it is becoming easier to fill them so I see a lot of folks heading that direction but good ole atties are going to be around for quite a while i have a feeling.

One more note I should mention… Cartomizers seem to hold more juice than a regular atomizer does but there are also super carts or tips for regular atimizers if you can find them.  I like to try and stick to the basics as much as possible though.

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