eCig Mod Wire – What Size to Use In A Mod

I see this question all of the time.  What wire gauge or size should I use in an eCig mod?  I’ve seen people use wire that could rival your household electric wires in size just for an eCig mod.  I’ll let you in on a little secret right now.

If you have ever taken apart a regular ecig battery, the wires going to the atomizer connector are small.  Very small.  So small that most people wouldn’t even dream of using wire that small becuase it would be so hard to work with.  The wires are so small that they break very easily also.

So what does this mean for my own mod?  What size should I use?  If you are building a eCig box mod like the PUCK, the wire that already comes with the battery boxes are way more than fine for the job.  You do not need very large wire at all and the wires in the battery boxes are small but not even half as small as the wires in a normal eCig battery.

Normal hookup wire would suit any eCig mod perfectly that you can get at any Radio Shack.  Smaller gauge speaker wire would even work well (not the larger speaker wire since it is too large) and is what I use most of the time.  I also like to use the wires that come in the microphone cable Radio Shack sells.

One thing to remember and a rule I would lay down right now to you is use stranded wire, not solid.  Solid wire has a tendency to break easy.  Move it a few times and it will snap a lot of times.  Stranded wire is flexible and will last the lifetime of your eCig mod.

So to sum this up, you can use just about any size of wire you have available for your ecig mod.  I prefer smaller stranded speaker wire but it’s up to you.  since eCig batteries use almost micro wire, anything you use will most likely be bigger and can carry more current than a regular eCig battery wire could.  So use anything you have available, as long as it is not solid wire. Use stranded and you will be happier with your new eCig mod.

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