How To Keep Your Tank Cartomizer Full Of Juice

One big complaint about tank cartomizers is that they go dry even though they shouldn’t.  People have tried enlarging the holes in the cartomizer to let more juice in.  Some tank cartomizers have only one hole, some 2 and all of mine have three holes.  But these all go dry also at some point.   How do you keep juice flowing into the cartomizer keeping it nice and wet?

I have devised a very simple technique for keeping your tank cartomizer nice and wet.  When there is sufficient juice in your tank cartomizer, you will hear a gurgling sound when drawing on the drip tip.  If you are not hearing a gurgling sound, there is not enough juice in your cartomizer.  It is too dry and will not produce as much vapor and may eventually burn out.

My technique to keep the tank cartomizer nice and “juicy” is very simple and requires no modifications to anything.  It’s so simple I’m not sure why no one else has done this.  I just hear people complain a lot and try to make the holes bigger. 

Here is what you need to do to keep your tank cartomizer nice and juicy…

Draw on your drip tip just like you were drinking from a straw.  Like a juice box or soda.  However, do not push the vape button.  This is a different draw than you would use to vape.  When vaping, you are sucking on the drip tip and sending the vapor directly down into your lungs.  When sucking on this like a straw, you are taking the air directly just into your mouth like you were drinking a drink. 

Do this about 12 times in groups of 3 draws.  You should see air bubbles rise from the holes in the cartomizer every time you do it.  Air bubbles means the juice is flowing into the cartomizer holes.  Remember, do not push the vape button when doing this.  After about 12 times, you should start to hear the cartomizer start gurgling.  If you don’t hear it gurgling, keep doing it until you hear a gurgling sound.  Once you hear that, your cartomizer has been loaded with juice and your ready to go.  No modifications needed.  You are now ready to vape as normal.

I have been doing this for weeks on one cartomizer and it keeps it running perfectly.  My batteries last longer also since I do not have to have the button pushed down as long since the carto is really wet.  It really does work.

Anytime you do not hear your tank cartomizer gurgling, do this method to replenish the juice in your carto.  You will be amazed at your carto performance if you keep the tank cartomizer nice and wet.

Give it a try and see for yourself.  No modification needed to your cartos at all.

5 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Tank Cartomizer Full Of Juice

  1. i was actually doing this, but not as many reps as you,
    and i didnt look for the bubbles.
    Will try doing more reps.

    To me, its easier to take off the tip,
    and drop 3 drops of juice down the cart
    (on an angle).
    done properly, the liquid will stick to the sides
    and not go down the air hole…

  2. That is a great idea I have done. However, it just doesn’t work if your ratio of PG/VG has too much VG, the thickness doesn’t allow it to be drawn in so well. I tend to have a problem since I’ve increased the PG enough to flow nicely where the carto floods when the tank is only half filled. The gurgling is not a great plan either, that means liquid is trapped in the air tube. It really bugs me, as well as drips juice down the air tube to the battery through main hole on carto. Your advice obviously works with your set up though! Happy Vaping!

    • Actually there are two kinds of gurgling. The kind you are talking about which is bad, and the other is when the wick is really wet as it should be. That’s the gurgling I’m writing about. The gurgle when the liquid is in the air tube is a completely different sound and is definitely a bad thing.

      As far as drawing in the juice by suction, it all depends on your carto, how many holes you have and how big they are. Everyone will need to experiment to see what it takes to get enough juice into the carto.

  3. Man, you are my hero. I bought one of the new flower vase coil tanks and it was burning like no other. It tasted like inhaling butane. Thank you so much. Now if I can find out why my wick tank sometimes burns.

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