The Puck II eCig Mod

Well it’s been a long time since my last tutorial and now that I have a bit of time, I’ve put together a new tutorial for you all.  The ecig mod tutorial is all based around my new Puck eCig Mod II or my Puck DoomsDay Preper model as I call it.  I’ll explain later. :).

This version of my Puck mod only utilizes one 4AAA battery box (the original used 2).  For the atty (or tanks that I use), I use an existing old ecig charger casing I had laying around.  You don’t have to use an old casing though.  The atty and switch holder can be made entirely with epoxy putty if you wish.  I have one of those also so I can show it to you later.

For those of you who were looking for a Puck Camper tutorial, you can build this with a 4AA box instead of a 4AAA box for extra battery capacity and you will have just about what the camper is except for the built-in flashlight that the camper has.

puck-ecig-mod-41This version of the Puck uses an actual 510 connector although you still can use the 901 jack method I used in my first tutorial if you like but this tutorial will be created around an actual 510 connector.  I started using actual 510 connectors since it seems every tank and other atomizer seems to come in a 510 format.  It just makes things easier but I can always fall back to my 901 jack.

The Puck eCig Mod II is pretty easy to build and even easier to wire.  I have utilized an actual battery monitor on this mod but I will also show you how to NOT include it if you do not wish to.  I like the battery monitor myself though but it isn’t needed if you don’t want it.

There are lots of glossy photos showing you step by step on what you need to do.   I’ve taken a lot of photos so I will break this tutorial up into several posts so they load fairly quickly for you.

Oh, one more thing.  Why do I call it my Dooms Day Preper eCig mod?  With all of the hassle that the FDA is trying to give us, if one day they decide to do away with our beloved eCigs, I’m ready.  With the Puck, you already have the ability to get your batteries from any grocery store so you don’t  have to depend on ordering eCig batteries on the internet.

I now have a few “rebuildable” tanks that allow me to create my own wick and coil so I do not have to order cartomizer replacements or atties.  I can build my own coil and wick.  That makes my mod 100% completely sustainable without having to order anything online if I choose to (or forced not to by the FDA).  The batteries, wicks and coils all can be bought from other places besides online eCig stores.  Pretty amazing really.  A totally independent eCig mod that does not require any actual eCig parts except for the connector but that can be changed also.

So I’m ready for the FDA “Dooms Day” if it happens. :)  Just got to make my own juice.

So now, let’s get on with building your own.

Parts List

1 4AAA Battery Box from RadioShack   $1.79

or you can get it from MadVapes here


1 510 eCig connector (I get mine from  $2.99

I suggest getting their prewired connector.  Soldering the center conductor on a normal 510 one is a real pain.  The prewired 510 connectors already have the wires soldered to it.  It’s the easiest way to go.


1 Small Push Button Switch.  I use these in this mod You can get them from…

RadioShack $3.19 for two or

Madvapes .com $2.69


Battery Monitor (Optional, but cool) from $1.99


If you want to use an LED instead of the battery monitor I use above, you can.  You just need to get…

1 LED and 1 480 ohm Resistor

You can get them from RadioShack or

 If you have one laying around,… an old small USB eCig charger (to use as the atty connector case).  That’s what I used for this mod but you can make the atty connector holder all out of epoxy.  It just looks neater using the old USB charger casing.

Supplies and Tools needed (or useful)

Epoxy Putty.  I use QuickSteel but you can use just about any epoxy putty that sets up rock hard.  We don’t need JB Weld in this mod.  You can get it anywhere like Walmart or you can get it here…
Blue Magic 16002 QuikSteel Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty Repair, Blister Pack – 2 oz.

T-Handle Reamer (optional but helpful for enlarging holes)

Small phillips and small flat blade screw drivers

Side cutters and small needle nose pliers

Soldering Iron (30 watt preferable)


Something to drill holes with (a drill or power screwdriver)

Small files are helpful to have to shape the epoxy after it has hardened


That’s Everything We Need To Build The Puck II eCig Mod

That’s all of the parts you need.  About 10 bucks worth and actual parts. A few bucks more in supplies which are enough to build multiple Pucks. Pretty cool huh?  You will need batteries and a charger but the nice thing is, you can pick them up anywhere, even your local grocery store.

In the next section we’ll start putting it all together

The Puck II eCig Mod – Part 2

7 thoughts on “The Puck II eCig Mod

  1. Hi great stuff here I’ve built the first puck and even added my own touches. I want to do the second one but can’t seem to find the battery monitor in 4.8 – 6v the only one on hobby kings site is a similar looking unit that’s 6.6v – 7.4v is there another source for the monitor? Thanks for your time and effort.

    • I got mine from hobby kings. Looks like they quit selling the original model but… although not as cheap, here are some more links to the ones that work…
      REMS RC
      Tower Hobbies

      The first one is the cheapest. It’s a shame Hobby Kings is no longer selling one of my favorite battery monitors. Bummer.

      • Thanks for the links I did some searching and found two of the three you posted the one hexotronic is a 500% mark up! Oh well it is what it is.

  2. FYI: Madvapes has not had the prewired 510 connector ever since I started to get interested in building my own battery; it must be at least a year now and the only others I have found are only available in bulk from China.

    • They have not removed the page yet so they haven’t planned on not carrying them but since it’s been so long since they’ve had them in stock, I would probably give it on them for this. You can solder wires to your own. That’s how I do it. Just buy the regular connector from Madvapes (without wires) and solder your own wires to it. It makes it a little less convenient but easily doable.

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