Where to Get eCig Battery Connectors

510-connector-with-wiresIf you build the normal Puck, you don’t really need any additional ecig battery connectors since it uses a jack from Radio Shack to act as the connector for your atomizer.  The Puck is built around a 901 atomizer but that doesn’t have to stop you from building a Puck if you don’t want to use a 901 atomizer.  You have quite a few options available.

If you want to still use the jack for the connector but would like to use a different atty or tank, no problem.  Just use an adapter.  you can find adapters for adapt just about any atomizer, cartomizer or tank to just about any battery connection.

If you want to use a tank or atomizer with a 510 connector on the Puck with the jack used in the tutorial, use one of these…
901 battery to 510 adapter.
With this, you just converted you Puck to a 510 connector.

If you want to convert your puck using the tutorial’s jack to any other type of atomizer… here are a few…
901 Battery to 808 Atomizer
901 Battery to 808D

If you don’t want to use an adapter, you can replace the jack used in the Puck Tutorial with an actual connector of the atomizer or tank you are wanting to use.  The two wires going to the jack will just be soldered to the 510 or other connector you wish to use instead.

If you going to go this route with a different connector, say for a 510 tank or atty which is the most common, I recommend using this connector with the wires already soldered on to it…
510 Connector with Wires Already Soldered
You will appreciate this if you have never tried to solder wires onto a 510 connector before.

If you want solder the wires yourself, here are all kinds of connectors you can get for your new mod to use instead of the Radio shack jack (even 901 connectors are available).

eCig Battery connectors

Just make sure you pick out only battery connectors because they also have atomizer end connectors also.

So you have a choice.  Use the jack you can get from radio shack that I use in the tutorial or get a regular eCig battery connector.  The choice is up to you but at least you have a choice :)

Enjoy building your next eCig Mod. :)


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