How To Install A New Wick and Coil In Your Rebuildable Tank Atomizer


You bought that new shiny rebuildable tank or atomizer and have used it until you wore it out. Now it’s time to replace the wick and/or coil. Or maybe you just want to play and try your hand at replacing it (like I did with my first one). After some practice, it’s really kind of […] […]

Smok Tech “R” Rebuildable Tank Review


I’ve been using cartomizer tanks for a couple of years now. I have tried a few wick cartomizers/clearomizers off and just wasn’t happy with them. Most of the wick cartomizers I have tried had a plastic taste to them. I didn’t want to use those on a regular basis due to the taste and wick […] […]

What’s Best: Atomizer or Cartomizer?


People swear by their cartomizers. People also swear by their atomizers. So which is better, an atomizer or a cartomizer? I have outlined the differences in other posts but for a quick rundown… An atomizer is meant to be a semi-permanent device for your ecig (which creates the vapor). It is meant to last for quite a while. […] […]