Quick e-Cig Modding Tips, Tricks and Myths


There is a lot of information out there on creating mods for e-cigarettes and I have done quite a bit myself.  This post is where I will supply useful information, tips, tricks and even dispell some myths about modding e-cigs.  Continue reading

Talk About Your Puck e-Cig Mod


Just finished building your Puck e-cig box mod?  Well give it a work out and see how you like it.   Hundreds, if not more people have built one and loved it due to it’s massive amounts of vapor produced, great Continue reading

E-cig NiMH Box Mod – Why Build One?


So you just spent a fortune on that new e-cigarette that is supposed to be the biggest badest thing out there right now in the e-cig world.  Hey, it works pretty great.  Lot’s of vapor, batteries last a pretty long Continue reading

The Puck e-Cigarette Mod


It’s really simple.  Most people that have smoked for quite a while have more than just a cigarette habit.  The habit of having physically something in your hand, the physical movements and times, etc.. Everything revolved around your smoking.  Patches, Continue reading